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The Great American Pony Drive

The Great American Pony Drive is the only MCA Chartered Driving Club. We were formed to promote driving events with America’s favorite Pony Car and members from all over the world. We are the only Mustang club that actively interacts with Mustang clubs all over the US, working with each to plan activities for the members of each club while we are visiting their area. The success of Pony Drives each year can be directly attributed to this participation with the other clubs and Mustang businesses.

Pony Drive Updates

Pony Drive Updates

03/12/2024 - David spoke to Jerry McClanahan- the author of the RT 66 Guide Book. He will be 1 of our 1st stops after we leave OKC. He will give us a tour thru his home/museum and will have lots of tips and how, when, where and why of the RT 66 points of interest. I also spoke to the Joplin Tourist Bureau Director and they are also working on places for us to go while there. I am also working on securing a Preacher for when we will be on the Chain of Rocks Bridge. Terry & I decided it would be an awesome place to get married and have a lot of our friends with us. Who said Pony Drives don't come up with some crazy ideas along the way!

02/28/2024 - David checked on the hotels and there are some that have less than 10 reservations. Interestingly enough, the River City Casino Hotel in St Louis had to add rooms as we are over the original block of 20, but the cut-off date is fast approaching. If you are coming and haven't reserved all your rooms, don't wait or they might not have the availability. If you have any problems, please let me know so I can see what needs to be done.

02/13/2024 - David ordered the t-shirts today. They should be ready in a few weeks. The 60 Years will be on the front pocket area and the RT 66 logo will be a large print on the back.

Another update for the Springfield, IL club. They are working with us for more to do and we hope to have some of the members meet us in St Louis to help guide us along RT 66. Here's what they are working on:

All Central Illinois Mustang Club members,

We have a unique opportunity to participate in the Great American Pony Drive festivities in Springfield this spring! It is coming soon! The tour begins in Little Rock, Arkansas on April 8th, and ends in Pontiac, IL on April 24th!

David Turnbull from the Great American Pony Drive in 2024 has asked our club for any member participation during their time in the Springfield area. Tour participants will be visiting the Chain of Rocks Bridge on April 20th before heading up to the Springfield area to spend the next 3 days with anyone who wants to join. April 14th, 2024 will be the Grand Opening for the new Chain of Rocks Park. They are looking for ideas on where to visit while here and for guides to help them choose the best routes through Springfield.

The schedule would be as follows....

April 20th - cross Chain of Rocks Bridge ($10) fee and other sites in St Louis area, staying overnight in St Louis

April 21st - head north, stopping at Country Classics in Staunton along with several other options. Staying at the Comfort Inn. Additional points of interest include: Pink Elephant Antique Mall, Soulsby's Service Station, lunch @ Weezy's in Hamel, Henry's Rabbit Ranch, Litchfield covered bridges.

April 22nd - open

April 23rd - open - New Salem Historic Site

April 24th - leave Springfield and head north to continue tour to Pontiac.

If anyone has a drone and is willing to provide coverage during their stay, you can contact David Turnbull at 954-849-4999.

02/09/2024 - Warren Walker- our member from Little Rock, has planned the day for us while we're there. He's starting with a River Rd cruise among the Arkansas scenery and a lunch stop. From there, we'll cruise to a local car collection and dinner that evening. For those on past Pony Drives, Litle Rock has always been a great stop, with the local club going all out for us every time we've been there. On 1 stop- we had dinner at the Mustang Pizza Restaurant. That was a lot of fun as well!

02/05/2024 - And now for some really good news! The application to cross the Chain of Rocks Bridge has been approved. (I just have to pay for the permit!) It will be $10/ car and we should have close to enough for the permit fee. Even if we're a little short, this part of the trip will be something to remember for years! The new rest area on the MO side is scheduled to open April 14th. That will just in time for our crossing, to see all of the improvements they've made here. This is open to everyone- including the local Mustang Clubs and individual Mustang drivers. The Show-Me Club and the Southern ILL Club has planned a lunch spot for us after the crossing.

02/04/2024 - If you're thinking of joining the 2024 RT 66 Pony Drive in April, please get your registration form in ASAP. Dave will be sending Kathy a list for name tags and they do take time to make and if the registration gets in too late, we may not have yours in time. Pins, patches and decals are ordered. T-shirts will be ordered shortly, so be sure and put your size on the form. If you're mailing the form, you can also email me a copy, as that will get here sooner and I can add your name(s) then. Anyone registered also can get the discount at the Birmingham hotels. We are starting to fill up, but have a few rooms left at a good rate- 1 is $115 and the other is $159.

01/20/2024 - For those coming on the 2024 RT 66 Pony Drive, here's a gentleman that we're going to visit on our trip. He's part of the reason RT 66 is alive and well today and a trip millions dream of doing- from all over the world. I will be coordinating with Jerry as to just when we will be there, and this stop looks to be one of the most unique of the trip. https://www.hemmings.com/.../jerry-mcclanahan-has.../...

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