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The Great American Pony Drive

The Great American Pony Drive is the only MCA Chartered Driving Club. We were formed to promote driving events with America’s favorite Pony Car and members from all over the world. We are the only Mustang club that actively interacts with Mustang clubs all over the US, working with each to plan activities for the members of each club while we are visiting their area. The success of Pony Drives each year can be directly attributed to this participation with the other clubs and Mustang businesses.


Route Info

08/02/2016 - For those wanting to join us on the 2016 Pony Drive thru New England, I just got an update from Paul Nerney for our 9/15 events. After laps at the NH Speedway, he has a "Lakes Region" scenic cruise and dinner at a local BBQ- Yankee Smokehouse, for their Cruise-in night. On 9/11, the MCCNE Club is planning a cruise for us from the hotel to their show at Mustangs Unlimited in Manchester, CT. Things just keep getting better, so if you're in the area, come out and join us.


07/27/2016 - posted revised CA route!


07/17/2016 - posted revised CA and FL routes!


05/22/2016 - The Great American Pony Drive route from Reno to the MCA 40th in Indy is finished, for those that may want to come along. It is posted on the 2016 Pony Drive page.  It will start in Reno, Aug. 27, to Salt Lake City, to Silverthorne, CO, Salinas, KS, St Louis, to Indy. Enroute, there is a side trip thru Colo National Monument, hopefully crossing the Miss on the old RT 66 bridge- Chain of Rocks bridge and a few other fun events along the way. The return from Indy will Davenport, IA, with a side trip to the American Pickers store, Lincoln, NB, Cheyenne, at the Historic Plains Hotel downtown, Salt Lake City and home from there for most. I have some MAA members assisting with this and it will be a fun trip to a major show!


03/31/2016 - The initial draft of the route is now available on  We just received word today that we'll be able to do laps on the NH Speedway!


03/10/2016 - Pony Drive update for the MCA 40th and New England Pony Drive- Sept., 2016- Dave has all but 2 hotels blocked and is hearing from some awesome New Englanders about thing to do while we're there. The MCCNE is having their show on Sept. 11, and we're invited. It's a short run from Sturbridge and we've been to their shows before! They are planning a caravan with us to the show at Mustangs Unlimited. For those that go back to 2004, MU was a major PD sponsor and we stopped at both of their stores on that trip- CT & GA. We also have Mt Washington, possibly the NH Speedway, Quechee Gorge, Bennington & Hemmings again, Ft. Ticonderoga and this is just a starter. Lew Harris is also our NE historian and he's looking into more places to see and things to do. If the hotels call back when promised, I should have the schedule out next week- at least the hotel list, as we're adding more activities pretty fast, with the response I'm getting. It just keeps getting better from here! For everyone in that area or those that want to come along, you can jump in and out for whatever your time frame allows. It's a 2 week rolling mustang party!

Dues for 2016 form is also available on the website, go here.


01/25/2016 - From: Dave to Jeff May, MCA President

Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2016 05:32:15 GMT
GAPD would be leaving from NPD Wed. morning, and making it to Dalton that evening. We would arrive Indy the next day.  I did check w/ one of my members in CA, but he can't get off work. Do you have anyone in mind out that way that might want to lead a group? I can still coordinate, if they can lead.

After the show, the Pony Drive will head to new England for our yearly trip. We leave first thing Mon. morning, and if anyone lives that way, they would be welcome to come along.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions as to what you might want for the trip to the show?
It looks like we'd hit Macon for lunch and we just did some things with the Macon clubs last year, so I'll contact them to have them join us for lunch. If any of the others enroute want to jump in, we can also schedule stops along the way for them to join us.

David S. Turnbull

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From: Jeff Mays <>
Subject: Fwd: Pony Drives
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 11:18:51 -0500
As you may be aware, the MCA is holding their 40th Anniversary at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sept. 1-4, 2016.  I wanted to reach out and inquire if you are planning on creating a Mustangs Across America or Great American Pony Drive to the MCA 40th.

We do not plan on creating any Pony Drive, but as with any Anniversary event, there will be interest to bring attendees from the west and east coast to Indianapolis via a Pony Drive.

Please let me know if you are planning such a pony drive as we like to see how we can help promote your respective pony drives.


Jeff Mays
MCA President

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